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  • Sampling for Nematodes

    What to sample

    Nematodes are primarily found around the roots of plants, either directly in/on the roots or in the surrounding soil.  Focus on soil samples in the root zone of symptomatic or suspect plants.  Include both soil and roots in your sample if possible.  A total sample size of a pint to one quart should be sufficient for analysis.

    Sampling large fields is best done in sections, separating affected areas into separate samples.

    Where to sample

    1. Annual crops - Sample 10-20 plants that are symptomatic but not dead, focusing on the edges of affected areas.  Sample 6-8 inches deep and include root material if possible.
    2. Turfgrass - A collection of 10-20 cores 3-4 inches deep from declining areas (do not include dead turf as there will be no nematodes).
    3. Trees and shrubs - Focus on fine roots near driplines (if present) between 4-8 inches deep.  Multiple cores from a single affected plant or a combination of cores from multiple selected plants making up about a quart of soil is sufficient.

    After sampling

    Samples should be collected in ziplock bags that are clearly labeled.  Keep the samples as cool as possible (keep out of direct sunlight on hot vehicles) until shipping.  If not shipping the same day samples are collected, keep the samples in a refrigerator until they are sent out.  Ship samples to the address listed below.  If paying electronically, please use the "Electronic Payment" button below after submitting your sample form.

    Nematode Assay

    Submitting sample Information Online?

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    Printable Sample Submission Form

    If paying by check or money order, please include the following sample submission form completed with your sample and payment.

    Shipping Samples

    Samples should be shipped in a cooler or cardboard box to the address below.  Shipping UPS in-state is typically overnight (except  the extreme western Panhandle), but check with your shipper to confirm your area is in the overnight window.

    If paying by check or money order, include the completed printable sample submission form (bottom of page) and payment ($18 per sample) to:

    Nematology Solutions Associates, LLC

    4643 NW 6th St, Gainesville, Florida 32609, United States

    UPS Shipping Map

    Shipping to the NSA?  Find out how long your package will take to arrive below.

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