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    About Us

    What is the NSA?

    Nematology Solutions Associates, LLC (also known as “The NSA”) is a Florida-based biotechnology company focusing on improving pest control technologies available for agricultural and home use.  Our site houses a nematode assay laboratory, product testing laboratory, fermentation services, and climate-controlled plant growth facility.  These resources allow us to quickly and efficiently diagnose nematode problems and develop solutions that homeowners, growers, nurseries, and multi-national corporations can use to improve plant health and better feed the world.

    Biological Products

    We offer site-specific biological control options tailored for each customer’s nematology needs. We will sample the site and isolate biological control organisms for propagation and use in controlling plant-parasitic nematodes (PPN) present on-site. Packages are available for agent propagation on-site or in our lab, both with the goal of producing a self-sustaining control model. Contact us to set up a consultation today!

    Products produced by our site are either biological organisms that feed on nematodes or compounds that are produced by organisms that harm or interfere with the PPN life cycle.

    Our Mission

    We at the NSA work toward improving our planet’s food security and quality of living using the four steps outlined below:

    Produce affordable biological products that are available for agriculture at any level from commercial production to home lawns and gardens

    Improve the quality, effectiveness, and reliability of biological pest control products through novel means of application and combination with other products

    Develop assay methods that can be combined with precision agriculture to rapidly detect, identify, and quantify PPN and other organisms in a system, thereby reducing the amount of materials applied while accurately targeting the correct organism for control

    Educate the general public, corporations, and the scientific community as a whole on the impact of PPN and other organisms on the world’s quality of living

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